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"Tall Kat's Super Session"

  • Ever wondered what it would be like to have a session with a 6' 9" (7' 5" in Heels) Amazon? Well, that is what "little" 5' 7" Alec wondered also when he arrived to meet Tall Kat for the first time.

  • This Video has EVERTHING!!! It starts with Tall height comparisons in both 8" heels and flat footed. After that there are many Hand, Feet, Arms, Legs and other body comparisons.

  • After that Kat decided that little Alec needs to see what it would be like to be under Kat's Feet and body for a light Smothering and Trampling Session.

  • Height & Body Comparisons, Full Body Sitting, Bare Back riding, Human Furniture, Lap Sitting, Trampling, Foot Worship, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!


  • Shot on Digital Video & mastered on Super VHS for Great Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 44+ MINUTES

  • This video is also available in the European PAL Standard.

  • NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD (Only in NTSC Format so far. Not in European PAL yet) These are DVD-R Disks and MOST DVD Players and computers will play them and are Region Free, but if you are in-doubt
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  • Purchase from 2Checkout this video on DVD US & Overseas $65.00

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