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"Be proud of what you are
A Tall Kat Retrospective

  • In the 1980s 6' 9" Kat did many Television, Movie, and Personal Appearances as part of her association with "Above All Enterprises" (A talent agency formed by Jim Woodard and Donna Blevins) as well as with the Tall Club of Tuscon, Arizona.

  • In this video you will see many excerpts from these appearances as well as learn more about her.

  • Excerpts include are from her appearances in "Wizzards & Warriors", "Mork & Mindy", "Two on the Town", "PM Magazine", "The Tim Conway Show" and many more.

  • Excerpts mastered on Super VHS for Great Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 31 MINUTES

  • This video is also available in the European PAL Standard.







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