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"Tall Kat Defeats little Sandi"

  • Little 4' 11'' 87 pound Sandi and 6' 9'' Kat are comparing the difference in the size of their feet and hands when Kat decided that she and Sandi should wrestle and determine just who is the toughest.

  • In this video you will see Tall Kat as you have never seen her before.

  • Check it out as Tall Kat proceeds to completely defeat her tiny friend. Height, Hand and Feet comparisons, Foot worship, wrestling, lifting, pins, tests of strength, leg squeezing, smothering, tickling and verbal humiliation, THIS VIDEO HAS IT ALL!!!!!

  • Shot on Digital Video & mastered on Super VHS for Great Video Quality. TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 47+ MINUTES

  • This video is also available in the European PAL Standard.

  • NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD (Only in NTSC Format so far. Not in European PAL yet) These are DVD-R Disks and MOST DVD Players and computers will play them and are Region Free, but if you are in-doubt
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